Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Multi-window mode in "lollipop" Android

  WARNING : from Kitkat (4.) don't upgrade to Lollipop Android (5.) ! I've done it and my "flash"  browsers on my smartphone don't work as well as they did before...don't try now to go back to Kitkat : too dangerous.

follow the steps...

SUBJECT : ANDROID UPDATE / smartphones galaxy note 3 and 4

Lollipop Androïd is going to replace Kitkat Androïd...

and I want to make use of the multi-window mode when visiting Justlearnchinese.com website...

1 - Enable the multi-window mode : press the "back" key at least one second ( below the screen, bottom of your device, at the right of the central button )

2 - Open two same windows ( both of them in Internet Explorer browser, the same lesson ! )

how ?
move the Internet Explorer icon
from the side bar to the main screen.
do it twice.
Copy and paste this justlearnchinese.com address
into each address bar
(2 address bars because 2 windows)
Go to your lesson, twice.

3 -  to make the popup floating (third) window appear, click quickly the icon of another browser in the multi-window mode side bar ( Chrome browser for instance )

   in this third window, you could insert       http://ce.linedict.com/dict.html#/cnen/search

     reduce this third floating window -><-
     (click the round handle of this window ○ ,
      it remains just a floating new icon)

4 - click the mp3 link in the top window


5 - select Open with Internet Explorer
     select Android system
     select Google Play music
    (then adjust the size of this player window)

6 - re-open the third floating window ( click the floating icon )

7 - it's ok
( click to zoom in )

      old version (Kitkat) : see posts 31 and 32


bymyself learning said...

Android/ The screen has been locked in vertical (portrait) position.
Go to your play store and install a "rotation app".
+ placing the mp3 player at the top is more convenient.

bymyself learning said...

At the beginning, you could go to your lesson on Justlearnchinese.com in Internet Explorer before taking care of the multi-window mode side bar so you would move the Internet Explorer icon only once !
[ and no more copy and paste...
if you also go in Chrome and choose the Line Chinese dictionary from the very beginning, first of all. ]

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