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小城故事 Small Town Stories
sung by Teresa Teng 邓丽君


小 城 故事 多 , 充满 喜 和 乐
xiǎo chéng gù shi duō chōng mǎn xǐ hé lè
There are many stories in the small town which are loaded with joy and happiness.

若是 你 到 小 城 来 , 收获 特别 多
Ruò shì nǐ dào xiǎo chéng lái shōu huò tè bié duō
If you come to the small town, you will benefit a lot.

看 似 一 幅 画 , 听 像 一 首 歌
kàn sì yī fú huà tīng xiàng yī shǒu gē
The town looks like a picture and sounds like a song.

人生 境界 真善美 , 这里 已 包括
Rén shēng jìng jiè zhēn shàn měi zhè lǐ yǐ bāo kuò
Every boundary for human life, truth, goodness and beauty, is included in here.

谈 的 谈 , 说 的 说
tán de tán shuō de shuō
Everyone is talking about it.

小 城 故事 真 不错
xiǎo chéng gù shi zhēn bú cuò
The small town stories are really good.

请 你的 朋友 一起 来 , 小 城 来 做客
qǐng nǐ de péng you yī qǐ lái xiǎo chéng lái zuò kè
Invite your friends to come together to be guests of the small town.

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